Francesco Calvidini is an exclusive designer of the world’s finest bedlinen.  All the fabrics are carefully constructed, woven and finished in Italy’s main textile manufacturing zone.

Following the traditional hand sewing techniques and rigorous checking all orders are delivered to our worldwide distribution centre.  For logistical reasons this is located in England near Gatwick airport, giving us unparalleled efficient distribution to all our customers worldwide.  This unit ensures that the exact details of each order are followed precisely and rechecked before despatch.

There is an extensive selection of the finest pure cotton percales and satins in myriad different styles, plus co-ordinating throws.

Features include long staple fine Egyptian cotton yarns and high THREAD COUNTS ranging from 300 to 1000 threads per square inch. Numerous specialised processes are used to attain the exceptionally luxurious handle, while each product is checked eight times during the hemming process to ensure consistency of quality.

Please email, telephone or text us  for further product information, to request samples, or to learn of authorised retailers in your area. Our design team will gladly return your call (to anywhere in the world) to discuss the creation of your client’s bedroom décor. The website shows only standard sizes for each product but because of our extensive distribution we are manufacturing hundreds of different sizes to meet local needs so please let us know if  a quotation is needed for a size not shown (generally they calculate more or less pro-rata).    For yachts, hotels and conference centres we will manufacture to unique situations.